If the A’s take a lead into the ninth inning tonight, keep an eye on who Bob Geren calls for out of the ‘pen. Geren has taken the full-time closer’s role away from Huston Street for the time being, saying he wants to have some flexibility to go with the hot hand for the ninth inning. He mentioned Brad Ziegler and lefty Jerry Blevins as two of the guys he might use to close games other than Street, who he still considers an option in save situations. Street chatted about the situation before tonight’s game and, not surprisingly, isn’t thrilled.

As I’ve written here before, the A’s should use the rest of this season to take a long look at their young players to see who fits where looking ahead to ’09. This move certainly is a step in that direction. But if Street doesn’t re-assume the regular closer’s role by season’s end, where does that leave him in the team’s future plans? I have a feeling there are some strong opinions out there on this topic … 


Joe Stiglich

  • Jan K Oski

    Strong opinion? All right, I’ll give it a shot! Huston is done as the closer for the year, and it is long overdue. He has had his chance, and he just can’t get it done at this level. It is time for someone new to get a chance. If Huston survives the competition, it will be better for him in the long run. I hope Cust is under the same type of evaluation.

    To Huston, Let me be the first to welcome you to the real world where job security is dependent upon your value to the team. In mho, your value to the team is about fifty-fifty, which ain’t good. Good luck in the evaluation.

  • Steve Toomajian

    It is long overdue that Huston Street is not automatically given the “closer” duties. He has broken the hearts of his teammates and A’s fans too many times this season. The A’s have Jerry Blevins, Joey Devine, and Santiago Casilla. In a rebuilding year, this is the time to test these young pitchers in the pressure role of closer. We already know that Street is not the man.

  • Don

    I feel that Street has been the main catalyst for the A’s recent downfall. Ever since he blew that heartbreaking game against the Angles to bring in the All-Star break, the A’s haven’t been the same. If there was one pitcher they should have traded it is him.

  • Kalvin Lathan

    About time for the last two years i’ve watched Huston”we have a problem” cough up a sure Athletics victory and turn it into a defeat. With an offense that lives on the fringe we can’t ill-afford to keep sending him out there. It’s obvious that a number of things are affecting this young man. He could be injured and not letting us on. His velocity is down and his location is off. There are games I have seen him either give up a single or walk the lead off man that leads me to “ehh Huston we have a problem”. It took all of July to realize he’s not getting it done. I knew over a year ago Mark Texeira blasting him on his on bobblehead day or the playoff where he was blasted for the game winning homer. Those are just two instances not to mention the dozens of games he’s blown over the last few years.

  • Bee

    I have to agree with what everyone else has said. I am done with screaming at the TV or from my Coliseum seat after he coughed up game winning hits for the other guys. Just think about the gold standard in closers, Dennis Eckersly, and the current Huston is nowhere near that. Street was great the first two years he was with the A’s but it’s been all downhill since then. We need a closer we can have faith in and Huston isn’t it anymore. My vote goes to Brad Ziegler.

  • Bill S.

    A’s will trade him for future prospects even if the players future is 10 years from now.billy beane another genius gm who is always building for tomorrow. i know it isnt calculated this way but HUSTON STREET BLEW 2 SAVES IN ONE GAME– now that is priceless. he came in to save the game a’s led by a run in the top of the 8th inning , when Jeremy Hermida hit a go-ahead two-run shot to right field off Huston Street to put the Marlins on top, 5-4. Then after the A’s retook the lead 6-5 in the bottom of the 8th, Street still in effect was on the mound to start the 9th and try to save this game again. With one out, Street gave up a solo shot to Dan Uggla — his second of the night — as the game reached an even score once again. In effect blowing 2 saves in one game- PRICELESS! Watch Mets and others try to acquire him later this month.