More Bad Baseball

College roomate is in town from Europe this weekend. This time of year is super busy for me personally, because family and friends all take their summer vacations. Keep that in mind the next time you think being a baseball writer is the most glamorous job in the world. Baseball’s steadiness prevents any real vacation during the summer.

Anyway, that rant was just to point out that I didn’t the see the A’s play the Red Sox last night. But I “saw” all I needed to see when my cousin Amy, who lives in Connecticut, texted me with the message: 11 hits, 1 run? They do stink.”

Says it all don’t you think?

Incidentally, real quick. Don’t mistake my empathy for the difficulties Lew Wolff faces with the ballpark for a compassion about his ownership. It’s been one of the worst we’ve ever seen in the Bay Area. The Steve Schott Era didn’t start out wonderfully, either, though, so keep that in mind.


  • The A’s ownership is so bad I can’t think of anything to write about.larryh

  • Steve Toomajian

    Send Dana Eveland to Sacramento NOW! Call up Gio Gonzalez or Trevor Cahill! Eveland’s absence of mental focus is inexcusable. He is consistently unprepared when he takes the mound in the first inning. Along with Oakland’s anemic offense, he makes games unwatchable after about 30 minutes.

  • Oakland Sí

    isn’t Eveland out of options? if so he can’t be sent to sacto without passing through waivers first.

  • Kalvin Lathan

    Don’t completely knock the young A’s starters these guys are approaching career highs in innings pitched. I would have applauded a more innovative approach to this situation. I wouldn’t even rule out a six man starting rotation or limiting there innings or pitch count. One thing I would not have done is jettisoned Chad Gaudin to the Cubs. What has me a little miffed is that our anemic offense keeps striking out at an alarming rate. Runners left on base can’t get guys home with no outs and just plain bad situational hitting. Just think for years Merv Rettemund and Thad Bosley were blamed for what I believe is an organization philosophy approach that really doesn’t work. Bobby Crosby you ground into to many double plays.

  • Bee

    On the hitting woes, I don’t think hitting coach Ty Van Burkleo is the problem. He does such a great job preparing the hitters. They just don’t or can’t execute. There are some sparks of hope though. Take Jack Hanahan who was batting below the Mendoza line and is now hitting 40-50 points higher. That shows you what a good hitting coach and a willing student can do.

    I agree that the organization has hung its star on good pitching at the expense of good hitting. Ryan Sweeney and Carlos Gonzalez are the exception, but remember, they came from other organizations via recent trades. We didn’t grow them down on the farm. Maybe we need to plant some more hitting seeds along with the pitching ones.

  • Bill S.

    49-41 THE day Billy The Genius Bean(counter) trades Harden

    After tonight’s wipe-out in Toronto A’s have gone 4-17 since the day of that giveaway trade. Expect another great performance by Harden tomorrow night vs. Houston. He sure seeems to have become sounder than when the A’s geniuses controlled when he pitched or not.