More roster rumblings

The door continues to swing both ways in the A’s clubhouse, so here’s a quick update on today’s roster news: Dana Eveland was optioned to Triple-A following last night’s disaster and Dan Meyer was called up to take his place. … As I write this, we’re about an hour from first pitch and the A’s still don’t know who today’s starting pitcher will be. It’s Dallas Braden’s turn, but Braden has a nasty virus and hardly looked like someone ready to take the ball Sunday morning. Meyer, fresh off a red-eye flight that landed in Boston at 6:15 this morning, gets the start if Braden can’t go.

Eveland still looked shaken from the news before he left the clubhouse this morning. Understandable. After a couple of failed stints in the majors before, both he and the A’s seemed to think he figured out what it took to be a consistent big league pitcher. More than anything physical, Eveland said he hopes to get mentally tougher down in Sacramento. Expect the A’s to monitor his workload closely  considering the innings he’s piled up this season. … And the A’s are still trying to learn what they have in Meyer, the last of the three players still with the organization from the Tim Hudson trade. He was 10-5 with a 4.48 ERA for the River Cats and was among the PCL leaders in strikeouts. You figure he or Lenny DiNardo slips into Eveland’s rotation spot but Bob Geren said the A’s haven’t decided that yet. Never a dull moment around this team, and that’s saying something considering they’re 53-56!!!   

Joe Stiglich

  • Don

    At least Eveland will be pitching in front of a bigger home crowd now!

  • Kalvin Lathan

    Bring back Ron Washington. I say Billy chose the wrong guy when he named Bob the manager. He also gave the wrong guy the money in Chavez instead of Tejada. Despite all of that I like the deals they made. The moves they made are for the future and face it this team was going nowhere the way they hit. Time to give some guys a chance. I say blow up the whole infield because none of them can hit including Ellis and Crosby.

  • Steve Toomajian

    Less than 24 hours ago, I wrote that Eveland should be shipped out. Thanks for that. But we all know Dan Meyer is not the answer.

    I’m looking for Gio Gonzalez and, after the Olympics, either Trevor Cahill or Brett Anderson. These three names could be the next Big Three sooner rather than later.

    By the way, isn’t it interesting that homer-hitting Chris Carter is playing third base and Adrian Cardenas shortstop for Stockton? Will this be the new left side of the infield?

  • Ryan W.

    I am happy to see Eveland go. And just want to express my displeasure with the great Billy Beane. It seems to me we got nothing in the Harden trade, with maybe the exception of Donaldson (However, trading the starter with the best stuff in the majors and a swiss army knife pitcher like Gaudin for a single A catcher is ridiculous). I honestly don’t see where Sean Gallagher is an improvement over Chad Gaudin as our 3rd/4th starter. And I don’t think Matt Murton or Eric Patterson will ever be legitmate major league players, certainly not Murton a first round draft pick whose bounced around.

    I also don’t think we got enough for Dan Haren, a guy whose was signed cheaply for a few years who started the All Star game. Carlos Gonzalez is great and Greg Smith has been servicable, but neither of them are the caliber of player I would expect for a top pitcher.

  • Texas Todd

    Ryan W

    I must come to the defense of Smith. How could you say he is servicable when he has the lowest run support of any pitcher in the majors. How would your ERA stack up if you were supported with no more than 1 1/2 runs per game pitched? The A’s problem is LACK of OFFENSE! I agree, the A’s haven’t been getting impact now players in their trades. I think everyone agrees we getting players for 2-3 years down the road. However, can the A nation wait that long.

  • Bee

    Good question, Todd. A’s fans have very short attention spans, at least most of those I read in this blog. People seem to want it all now, when we have one of the lowest payrolls in the majors. It just ain’t gonna happen. So we build for the future.

    As I’ve said before, the A’s myopic emphasize on pitching has left us short on offence, which we are paying the price for this year. Hopefully, Billy and co. can rectify that soon. Getting Big Frank back should help.

  • Texas Todd

    Just watched Houston Street blow a save and lead against the Blue Jays….and the beat goes on!!!