Woe the “O”

More evidence to indicate just how bad the A’s offense is right now (so bad that you can make the argument this is the worst offense they’ve ever had). Check out this from Elias:

“The A’s have scored 17 runs over their past nine games [through Wednesday, all losses]. The last time the A’s had a nine-game span without a win with 17 runs or fewer was over 30 years ago. In June 1978, the A’s scored 11 runs over the final nine games of an 11-game losing streak.”

But on the bright side, Midland’s Aaron Cunningham (acquired in the Dan Haren trade) is fifth in the Texas League with a .899 OPS, and Chris Carter (also acquired for Haren) has 30 home runs, 87 RBI at Single-A Stockton. See, the A’s do have good hitters. It’s just that none of them are up here, yet.




  • Steve Toomajian

    Yes, Billy Beane has a plan. Whether A’s fans have figured it out or approved of it is another matter.

    What I see is homer hitting Chris Carter at third base and stud hitter Adrian Cardenas at shortstop. (Both players recently were switched to these positions at Single A Stockton.) At second base, you have Jemile Weeks, Gregorio Petit or Eric Patterson if the club does not want to keep Mark Ellis. First base goes to Sean Doolittle, a great glove with a great bat.

    The outfield ultimately will be Carlos Gonzalez, Ryan Sweeney, Aaron Cunningham, and Travis Buck as a backup.

    Pitching will be Trevor Cahill, Brett Anderson, Gio Gonzalez, Greg Smith, and Sean Gallagher.

    Catching will be Kurt Suzuki and Josh Donaldson.

    How much of this can happen in 2009 depends on trades, injury updates, and other factors which keep this a fluid situation for now.