Play ball … eventually

Just an update on the rain delay taking place here at Comerica Park. First pitch is now scheduled for 4:55 p.m. (West Coast time). That will amount to a 50-minute delay if indeed we start then. It poured pretty good about 90 minutes before the scheduled first pitch. Local weather reports predicted one last period of rain any time now, and officials wanted to let that pass rather than start the game and immediately have to stop it. … When we do get underway, Dan Meyer will be making his first start of the season for the A’s and fourth of his career. Ryan Sweeney and Jack Cust are back in the lineup after both sat out yesterday. The A’s lineup: R Sweeney RF; Mark Ellis 2B; Frank Thomas DH; Carlos Gonzalez CF; Jack Cust LF; Bobby Crosby SS; Kurt Suzuki C; Daric Barton 1B; Jack Hannahan 3B. … The Tigers: Curtis Granderson CF; Placido Polanco 2B; Marcus Thames LF; Magglio Ordonez RF; Miguel Cabrera 1B; Gary Sheffield DH; Ryan Raburn 3B; Edgar Renteria SS; Brandon Inge C …




Joe Stiglich

  • Bill S.

    lack of comments here say clearly the fans are disgusted with what billy bean has done and have lost their inteest in the a’s. this team was 4 games out of 1st and only because street and embree had gone bad against the angels ywice and other spots. but bean instead of bolstering the very competitive team he decides to unload more YOUNG players and insulting fans intelligence saying he’s trying to get new young players. but he has embree, brown, chavez, thomas, etc. on this team while unloading harden, swisher and so many others. bean is a bean counter for the cheap owner. enough of the praise for this failure to ever win it all. actually he never came close.