Limping along

Gonna be a short one today, because let’s face it, there’s not a whole lot to discuss at this point. The A’s are horrible offensively, and that fact is starting to burden the team’s pitching and defense. To me, the best embodiment of where this team is right now came when Detroit scored its final two runs on Sunday, when first Bobby Crosby, then Jerry Blevins took turns throwing the ball away on the same play. Baseball follies at its purest.


Anyway, two things for discussion: 1) Will the A’s hold off the Giants and wind up the better of the two Bay Area baseball teams? Hard to imagine, but there are still seven weeks left, and as bad as the A’s have been, they’re still ahead in that race. 2) Do you want to see any roster shake-ups, and if so, what would you like them to be. Myself, I’d kind of like to see Trevor Cahill after he’s done with the Olympics. I know it’s unlikely, but it would provide a reason to pay attention.

Incidentally, huge roster move already today, according to staffer Curtis Pashelka. Lenny DiNardo is being sent down. Given his stats, maybe he ought to go home.