Are my ears deceiving me?

Wow, what an explosion by the A’s today. Four entire runs through the first five innings against Tampa Bay. That’s their season-average and they still have half the game to go.

Not overly crazy about Sean Gallagher yet, but I wouldn’t call the Rich Harden trade a waste, yet. I mean, I wasn’t that impressed with Harden when he first arrived.  Gallagher has had two opportunities to deliver a shut-down inning, and twice has allowed at least one run. That’s a problem with him.  The A’s have given him four such opportunities (and the definition most skippers use for a shutdown inning is an inning in which a team has scored multi-runs to take a lead) in his past five starts, and Gallagher is 0-for-4.

Anyway, while listening to the terrific tones of Ken Korach, I started thinking about all the the guys contributing for other clubs who have departed since Jason Giambi started the trend after 2001. Not to say it would’ve been realistic, or even prudent to keep all of them, but it’s interesting to consider the possibility.

Check this out: LF Eric Byrnes (Diamondbacks), 2B Ray Durham (Brewers), SS Miguel Tejada (Orioles), 1B Jason Giambi (Yankees); RF Jermaine Dye (White Sox); CF Nick Swisher (White Sox); C Ramon Hernandez (Orioles), 3B Marco Scutaro (Blue Jays), C Jason Kendall (Brewers). [And yes, I know Byrnes is hurt, but c’mon, gotta include Byrnsie].

The rotation would be: RHP Dan Haren (Diamondbacks), RHP Rich Harden (Cubs), RHP Joe Blanton (Phillies), RHP Chad Gaudin (Cubs), LHP Barry Zito (Giants)

Think that team might be doing slightly better?