Ziggy’s streak over

Just a quick update: Reliever Brad Zielger’s consecutive scoreless streak is over at 39 innings. The A’s announced they’ll have a $1.01 ticket promotion on Aug. 29 to commemorate the 101-year-old record that Ziegler broke. The Rays’ B.J. Upton was the spoiler, doubling with one out in the ninth to score Akinori Iwamura. A’s trail by a run going to the ninth.

Your thoughts on Ziegler’s streak?



  • Bee

    It was bound to happen sooner or later, so I am not surprised. It doesn’t in any way diminish Ziggy’s value to the team–he’s still a fabulous pitcher. After all, how many 0.00 ERA’s are there in MLB with 40 inning’s pitched? None now. So now his ERA is 0.23. It’s still fabulous!