Six Weeks to Go

That’s the good news. As any parent can tell you, once you have rug rats running around, six weeks goes by in what seems like six minutes, so the A’s misery will be over before we know it.

What do you want to see over the season’s final weeks?

I want to see the A’s ease the reigns on the pitching staff a bit. Watched quite a bit of Greg Smith’s start on Saturday, and he had all the looks of a guy who’s having to reach deep. He was effective, but every inning was a struggle. The last couple of starts, he’s needed almost 20 pitchers per inning, and that’s just too much when it happens all the time. This kid is going to be a good pitcher in the major leagues, as long as he stays healthy.

Speaking of which, that to me is the biggest issue with this franchise. The number of times they’ve had to utilize the disabled list is simply too much, and it’s happened two straight years. Whatever the A’s did last winter to improve things must be evaluated again, because it clearly hasn’t worked. Maybe getting younger will help in that area, but so far it hasn’t. This gets back to having young pitchers such as Smith ease up a bit. This team is going nowhere, so make sure you start playing for a healthy 2009 right now.

I’ll talk more about the future of the franchise as the season winds down. For now, I’m interested in your thoughts. You’re the GM, and your under the constraints of the Lew Wolff ownership (Walter Haas is not walking through that door, people). What are your top priorities?

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  • Bee

    The health of the team is a huge concern. Using the DL so much the last years needs to be looked into. Have other teams seen such a high injury rate? Is it something wrong with the field? Is it just that they are pressing so hard to win? It is troubling for the long haul.

    As for what the A’s should do for the rest of the season, I agree that resting the young pitchers is crucial. They should pitch 5-6 innings when they do pitch, and maybe give them an extra day in between. I know that means carrying another starter and puts pressure on the bullpen, but if Saarloos can do what he did yesterday, he could be invaluable in protecting the young arms.

    September is less than 2 weeks away and some minor league pitchers could spell the young pitchers who got to the Show this year (perhaps earlier than was prudent). Unfortunately, with the exception of Dana Eveland, the A’s have already promoted most of the River Cats starters to the A’s. I’d like to see James Simmons and Trevor Cahill from Midland get a cup of coffee in September. Also I’d like to see Brad Kilby, a reliever for Sacramento, get a look-see as well.

  • Bill S.

    How does this totally incompetant GM Billy Bean keep his job? How can a man be given the right to “rebuild” a team that his incompetance built in the first place. He can’t obtain anybody who can hit, he can’t produce any players who can hit. The only players he gets are young players who never will be good hitters. He claims to make his team younger, but he obtains the strikeout .220 hitter Cust, Frank Thomas at .240 and Mike Sweeney- are they young? I thought Swisher , Harden, Haren, etc. , etc. were young.

    How does this bum keep his job?

  • Bill S.

    “They should pitch 5-6 innings when they do pitch, ”

    the idiot manager(of course the friend of bean) who replaced the pennant winning a’s manager macha – tonight he leaves young gallagherin to allow 10 earned runs after over a hundred pitches. twins nnouncers tonight were amazed bean and his manager left gallagher in.

    how does this moron billy bean keep his job.

    note- even chad gaudin is looking good for the cubs too

  • David

    i never comment on these sites. However, your GM should be fired. His inexplicable trade of Harden is an embarrassment. Every outing Harden strikes out 10 in seven innings. Your future “pitcher” Gallagher gives up 10 runs. Are you kidding me? He’s “injury prone” Yep. I know the frustration level of the past. But you poor Oakland fans are watching somoeone you had control of dominate in a way that is hardly seen.

  • Bill S.

    oh yes “getting younger”

    i omitted keeping chavez and embree and added the youthful emil brown

  • Bill S.


    Who is the most despicable and most incompetant GM in sports? Both these bs artists make more money than most of the players they sign or acquire.

    Green Bay Packers GM Ted Thompson or Oakland A’s GM Billy Bean?

    And how does the media let these incompetant losers get away with it?

  • Goldenstatenative

    Thank you how refreshing to hear people with common sense! I hope beane ends up somewhere else and destroys that franchise so we can see it was ALL his fault. Lets see Swisher hits 30 plus homeruns and is a fan favorite almost never hurt. Lets trade him for Sweeney( who I like) but if sweeney doesnt buy in to the WAY overly patient thing he will be gone also. And besides walks only work if the pitcher does it five times in a row because we know the A’s cant drive any one in!

  • walt L.

    Going way back guys like Joe Rudi, Reggie (of course), Mike Epstein, Rick Monday, Sal Bando, Gene Tenace, even Dave “King Kong” Kingman, Canseco, McGuire, Lansford, Giambi, Henderson, D Murphy – the list can go on. The As have had their hitters. They need some more and fast.

    I recall Pinella gleefully saying “..Murton just has to start swinging the bat for them (Oakland)”…after just getting Harden, I’d be gleeful, too. I think he
    knew something about Murton swinging the bat. (Like maybe, don’t count on it.)
    I agree with the other comments – why all the injuries with the As? And Eveland goes to Sacramento gets his mechanics retooled and throws a nice game his first time back with the A’s. (Then against the Twinkies 3 walks and 2 SOs – back to the old way??? Why all the walks – A’s pitchers usually throw more W’s than strikes….

    Do the Sacramento coaches know something that Curt Young, B. Beane, et al. don’t? Maybe they should be brought up. After all, the bull-pen coach came up with the routine for Harden – now it is paying off.