Leftovers from a rare win

The game story will be posted later, and I wrote heavily about the team’s injury woes. So a lot of the game stuff was overlooked. That’s kind of the way it is this time of year when a team is out of the race. The individual game doesn’t mean that much.

That’s what’s wonderful about the blog. Can get some leftovers in it right here, so away with go.

— Frank Thomas didn’t stick around to discuss his sixth-inning ejection by home-plate umpire Bill Hohn. Thomas apparently wasn’t happy with the way pitchers were being called inside. Looked to me like he didn’t do anything; I had to ask a couple of the TV people what exactly happened, because I didn’t notice anything out of line from where I was in the press box. Bob Geren, as insightful as ever (yes, that’s sarcasm), said: “I’m not quite sure.  It’s still arguing balls and strikes, and you’re not supposed to do that. He’s been around a long time. He knows.”

— Greg Smith had better command, and that’s just what the doctor ordered. Geren said the A’s talked to Smith about strike-zone effeciency between starts, and he wound up throwing 48 of his 90 pitches for strikes. That number doesn’t say a lot, but Smith was ahead 0-2 and 1-2 all night. That seems to indicate he’s not feeling the fatigue of pitching more than 100 innings this season.

— Smith also had the quote of the night, saying, “I think we’re about to come out of our funk.” Yeah, one win in a row. Woo-hoo.


  • Oakland Sí

    of course, pitching to the Mariners didn’t hurt Smith any…

  • Bill S.

    Who will Beane trade away for nothing at the next trade deadline next week? Huston Street looks pretty old? Ellis will be a free agent next year and he’d have to have his head examined to return to a team Beane has destroyed? Maybe A’s can pay 90% of Chavez’ contract and trade him for a Class A player? Who are the next to be given away?

  • Bee

    Hey, guys, a win is a win. Be happy! Okay, Seattle is the worst team around, but our guys did well and we won a game. Go A’s!

  • DrBill64

    REBUILD THE GM AND Medical Staff, Fire Beane and the medical staff.

  • InMinn

    I saw Sean Gallagher’s last two starts, one in Oakland and the last one in Minneapolis. The Cub fans around me here can’t believe that the Cubs finally hoodwinked a team in a trade. But trading Rich Harden for Gallagher and a couple of weak-hitting outfielders is the kind of trade that should get a GM fired, in my opinion.

  • Bill S.

    Tonight’s losing lineup of the A’s. Suzuki’s batting average is .287. 3 players were hitting around .250 and the rest way below that figure. This is the team Beane built. How on earth can this idiot Beane still con these owners?

  • Bill S.

    As for Cubs deal? How much cash under the table did Mr. Moneyball receive for making this deal with Chicago?

  • Bill S.

    Harden for the Cubs

    59 strike-outs in 42 innings

    Never was so healthy until he finally got out of the incompetents running the A’s hands.


  • Bill S.

    Harden pitchs 7 innings in win today Sunday 24th. Allows 2 hits and strikes out 11.


  • Bill S.

    As of today

    D. Haren (14-6)

    R. Harden (9-2)


  • Chicago Steve

    I have read the blog regarding Harden. First, remember he was on the DL 5 times prior to the trade. Second, the A’s got in return some fine Cub talent in Murton, Patterson, Donaldson and Gallagher. Let’s review this trade in 3 years and see how the A’s made out. However, this year Harden is pitching lights out and maybe we get the brass ring after a 100 years! Go Cubs!


    Bill, I feel your pain but you need to chill out man. What happens after Beane has a fire sale like this? The players he gets in return almost always pan out. I bet you weren’t singing this tune when we were atop the power rankings a few months back or when we shocked the entire baseball world and swept the Twins in 06.

    Look what we got out of those trades for Christ’s sake!
    -Carlos Gonzalez
    -Gio Gonzalez
    -Ryan Sweeney
    Those 3 alone are stars in the making. Don’t even get me going on some of the other prospects.

    Do you know where the pick for Swisher came from? It was a compensation pick for Johnny Damon. Do you know where Haren came from? He came in a packaged deal when we traded away Mulder to the Cards. It’s the way we work. We unload talent only to acquire more talent.

    Trading is the way of life for us. I don’t like it but that’s how it works. You have to give to get. One of these days, not in this hell hole stadium, Beane will get it right. There is a reason why Beane is considered a genius because he makes winners from scrap(besides the last 2 seasons). I mean, come on, last year was our first losing season in 8 f**king years! We have had only 4 losing seasons in the 11 Beane has been here. Do you know how many prospects we have in the top 100?? Do you? That’s all from Beane. How do you expect the guy to retain key players with a show string budget because “fans” don’t support the team? 19,000 in attendance…that is a damn joke. Oakland needs to wake up otherwise they can kiss the A’s goodbye. I’d personally rather see them move into a place that supports them.

  • Jan K Oski

    Death, Bill is a troll. What do you do with a troll? Hopefully, the blog owner bans him, but the CC times is to politically erect for that. So, we fans just need to ignore them. Don’t feed the troll!