More DL rumblings

You probably have heard this by now, but the A’s put pitchers Justin Duchscherer and Sean Gallagher on the disabled list. Duchscher has hip inflammation and Gallagher a “fatigued arm.” That’s big news, because the A’s have now used the DL 23 times this season, and that surpasses the club record set last year.

In other words, so much for all the time spent over the winter trying to pinpoint a way to stop the injury problem.

Talked to an A’s executive who I’ll name later (and he’ll be named in my game story), and he said he has no problem with the A’s medical staff. At some point, he said (to paraphrase), the blame goes on the players, and the A’s have a lot of guys with a long history of injury issues.

Interesting take. Do you agree?


  • Bee

    I think you have to look at the players. The best predicter of human behavior is past behavior. If a player has a history of injuries, he’s more likely to have them in the future. I agree that the medical staff can’t take all the blame.

    That’s why I am worried about Geren using the young pitchers beyond the 5th or 6th inning, or 80-90 pitches total. We already have one “dead arm” in Sean Gallagher, and I think that he was left out there way too long in his last start. We can’t afford any more “fatigued arms”. We could ruin one of those arms we paid dearly for permanently.