Making his pitch

I have to admit, after last season I thought I had seen all I needed to see from Dallas Braden. But the guy has really come on strong with his last few starts. If he finishes this well, you have to consider him a legit candidate for a rotation spot next season. But that depends greatly on whether the A’s re-sign Duchscherer, and that’s a whole separate discussion in itself. Curious how many of you out there are becoming Braden converts. Do you view him as an every-fifth-day kind of guy in ’09?

Joe Stiglich

  • Oakland Si

    his stuff doesn’t look any better than last year, but his pitch selection and overall mound presence looks much improved.


    I don’t see why he wouldn’t be in the rotation. Who would we have instead of him, Dan Meyer? Braden is looking to be a solid 5th pitcher.

  • Scott no2

    Sorry, but I still see Braden as a 5th starter. He’s just a hold over till the new stadium.

    Duchscherer, Smith, are the top
    then Gonzalez, Eveland
    then choose between Dinardo, Braden, Meyer (bust), Sarloos, Galleger (gag)

    So his value is up, but he’s been up and down back to last year.

    Like I said, come new stadium, he won’t be around.

  • Bee

    I am impressed with Braden’s last few starts. Okay, no strike outs last night but he only allowed one run and that was huge. It’s the result that counts. I’d bet the strike outs will come. Of ScottNo2’s list of other possibles, Braden and Gallagher (if the latter can calm himself down and focus on pitching) are the only two who should be on the team next year. Well maybe Sarloos should get another look-see at Spring Training, but the A’s should lose DiNardo and Meyer. They haven’t lived up to their potential and probably won’t. Also, at this rate, no one on the current team will still be around when (if?) they build a new stadium.

  • Goldenstatenative

    I hope their pitchers only plan on giving up 2 runs a game because the most they score usually is around three

  • Mike

    I still think that without the screwball he’s been forbidden to throw by the organization the past few years, that he’s fringe #5 type of guy. But he’s shown a great deal of increased maturity and mound presence as the season has gone along, and if he hasn’t yet hit his ceiling, there is still plenty of hope for him.

    I do think this rotation needs one veteran presence, at least next season. To me, that doesn’t bode well for Duke, as he’ll be looking for a 3-4 year deal in what will probably be his one and only chance to grab some big money in his MLB career. It seems far more likely that someone like Saarloos or someone similar will be brought in as a “swing” guy, in case one of the young arms completely self-destructs next season.

    So barring any weird transactions, Spring Training 2009 shapes up like this (in no particular order, since it’s impossible at this stage to really determine how this group will sort itself out):

    1. Dana Eveland
    2. Greg Smith
    3. Gio Gonzalez
    4. Sean Gallagher
    5. Dallas Braden

    6. Saarloos or another cheap veteran

    Also, keep in mind that Anderson and Cahill will start next season in Sacramento, and if anyone falters early, or if Anderson and Cahill put up huge numbers, they will be brought up after the All-Star Break and one or two of the lower ceiling guys, like Braden and possibly Smith or Evenland will be moved.

    If nothing else, the competition throughout all of 2009 for rotation spots is going to be interesting.