Sweeney’s back, Gonzalez sent down

Ryan Sweeney is back from the disabled list and starting in right field tonight against Minnesota. Carlos Gonzalez was shipped out to Triple-A to make roster room for him. Took me by surprise a little bit, considering the season really has boiled down to getting these young guys as much experience as possible. But Gonzalez is  4-for-52 over his past 16 games. You figure Rajai Davis is playing well in center field and Sweeney deserves to re-claim his starting spot in right field. Gonzalez is valuable enough, and young enough, that you don’t want to see his confidence plummet while sitting the bench/struggling in the big leagues.

Considering rosters can expand to 40 starting Monday, the A’s could bring him back soon if they wish. But Bob Geren didn’t give indication that would be the case. “You never make promises in this business,” was the word from the manager.  

How does this move grab everybody?

Joe Stiglich

  • It’s unexpected to me to see Gonzalez sent down. But at the same time, except for Thomas, I think everybody’s been down there this year for at least a couple games.

    I don’t know if he’d be back or not, as Sac-town is in a post-season push mode. And having Gonzalez be successful in a pressure rush like that would probably do more than having him do sort of OK in games that have no meaning.

  • Oakland Si

    Ideally he probably should have been playing at AAA all season (perhaps a September callup). but I don’t think he’ll be worse for the experience.

  • Bee

    I think it was the right move for everyone. Sweeney has been batting well and deserves to come off the DL in Oakland. C-Gon has been really struggling at the plate, and playing in the AAA post season might jack up his confidence. Or we could see him later in September. I like what Raj Davis has done since he got some regular playing time. Great hitting and great fielding–that was a great catch last night. Eat your hears out, Giants!

  • Scott No2

    I hope Sweeny doesn’t get a “injury prone” tag. but he’s done very well when hes in the lineup. as for Gonzalez. you go through slumps. and he’s in one. Some time on teh bench, let yourself refresh. Plus I’m sure he’s tired, being his first year.