“Lack of Interest”

I enjoy seeing the back-and-forth that occurs during the blog discussions on this site, but generally I’m not a big fan of commenting on the comments. In this case, however, I feel it’s a must.

My blog the other day referred to a “lack of interest” about the A’s.  It was a sarcastic answer to the fact that one of the beat writers is not on this trip — again, for myriad well-founded reasons — and intended as humorous way to start the debate about how much interest in the A’s there remains. Because, frankly, if I were a fan, I wouldn’t have a whole lot right now, at least about this year’s edition. And if the attendance is any indication, there hasn’t been a lot of interest all year.

But one of the comments the other day suggested he’d like to know how much interest the players are showing. I’m not around the team as much as the daily beat writers, but I can tell you that in my dealings with them, a lack of work or interest is not the issue. A lack of talent is. And I can tell with absolute certainty that Mark Ellis — the one who offered up the “Lack of Interest,” comment — should never ever be accused of giving less than full interest to his profession. You don’t become the best second baseman in franchise history by not doing so.

For the record, Ellis was making a sarcastic remark that reflected what is obvious to everyone. There’s not much interest in this team right now. It’s absolutely the correct assessment, though that doesn’t mean some individual interest among fans still exists. The blog the other day was not meant to insinuate that either Ellis, the players or every single fan has lost interest. If it gave off that impression, my bad.