Who said this is a dull series?

Well, Camden Yards may play host to some mediocre baseball this weekend between the A’s and Orioles, but that doesn’t mean there’s no excitement at the ballpark. About 20 minutes ago, (4 p.m. local time), smoke began drifting out from the seats along the first-base line. According to a stadium employee, a kitchen fire broke out on the club level of the stadium, where the luxury suites are located. The sight and smell was enough to stop several Orioles from their pre-batting practice stretching. (One player fired a baseball into the upper deck. I’m not sure what that was supposed to accomplish).

A few minutes later, sirens could be heard echoing through the nearby streets, and a stream of firemen came marching in through the right-field gates. The employee did not yet know how the fire started, but the smoke disappeared within about 10 minutes and the fire was extinguished.

It was quite a scene to see A’s players and personnel step off one of the team buses in front of the stadium, with three fire trucks surrounding it. Just another day at the yard …

Joe Stiglich