Winding down …

A’s-Rangers just got underway here in Arlington, where it’s pretty toasty but not nearly as hot as many games here. The A’s sort of lucked out, coming here twice before June and then not returning until September. They missed the brutal part of the Texas summer.

A couple of thoughts that didn’t find their way into today’s paper:

— How about Carlos Gonzalez’s throw last night that nailed Milton Bradley trying to stretch a single into a double? If you missed it, Gonzalez, playing center, went far into the right-center gap to field the ball, stopped his momentum and threw a strike to second base to get Bradley. Impressive arm strength, even if Gonzalez shows it off unnecessarily at times. I’m a little surprised he’s gotten just two starts in eight games since he’s returned from the minors. Bob Geren has said he wants to play the combination of outfielders that gives the team the best chance to win, and he certainly has a surplus to choose from. But wouldn’t you want to gauge the progress of your top prospect after sending him to the minors? I wouldn’t read too much into this decision in regards to next season’s plans. I think center field is Gonzalez’s to lose.

— I wonder how much the A’s front office noted Hank Blalock’s performance Monday and Tuesday? Oakland could use a boost at both corner infield spots, and Blalock will be available this winter if the Rangers don’t pick up his $6.2 million club option. Yes, I realize the last thing the A’s need is another player with a questionable health history. But Blalock will be just 28 in November. The A’s could use him most at third base (can’t assume Eric Chavez will return healthy enough to play there). Of course, Blalock isn’t even playing third for the Rangers now. He’s at first. But it’s something to consider, particularly if his asking price is driven down because he’s missed so much time the past two seasons.

Would you like to see Blalock in green and gold next year?

Joe Stiglich

  • Bee

    I’d sure love to have his bat, but do we really want to platoom Daric Barton with him at first? Maybe if we unloaded Jack Cust, Blalock could be the DH. I don’t know how much he would cost us (the A’s) but we do have surplus outfielders. Just a thought.

  • Scott No2

    Blalock fits the Billy Beane, High Risk High Reward motto. If he can get him to a cheap price it might be worth it.

    Amazing how Chavez and Blalock were so good for so many years and now they are both injury prone.

  • Son of Hendu

    It amazing how much money Chavez got instead of putting toward Tejada. High risk low reward. Even when healty he isn’t worth 10 million a year.