Just a thought

So the hiring of Mike Gallego makes two former A’s players now on the coaching staff (pitching coach Curt Young being the other). Gallego mentioned to me today that Billy Beane said he liked the idea of adding another ex-Athletic to the fold.

It gets me to thinking: Gallego and Mark McGwire happen to be tight. And it’s known that McGwire has enjoyed tutoring big league hitters recently in a behind-the-scenes kind of way (he’s kept a very low profile in the game since his name was linked to the steroid scandal). One of the teams McGwire worked with was the Colorado Rockies, while Gallego was a coach there.

Might Big Mac someday drop by the Coliseum, or maybe show up at spring training, to offer some tips to A’s hitters? I asked Gallego if he would ever try to coordinate such an effort, and he said he and McGwire hadn’t chatted in a few months. He said McGwire is very committed to his family time right now, and family time would take a hit if McGwire ever wanted to get into coaching full time.

But Gallego also added: “I do know this, the times he did come out and work with some of the young hitters, even big hitters, they really, really enjoyed listening to Mark. The neat thing was watching McGwire’s face light up. He seemed to enjoy himself. … I’m sure if he let word out (he wanted to coach) he’d have a few callers. I can’t help but think Oakland would be one of them.”

Again, just my own speculation. And showing up would cause a media stir McGwire might want to avoid. But it’s something to keep in mind …

Joe Stiglich

  • Son of Hendu

    Just sign Big Mac, he could hit 30 HRs and K 200+ times just like Cust. But I would pay to see the now smaller McGwire.

    How about getting Carney Lansford from across the Bay if you need a former A who can coach. Replace Ty Van Strike 3!

  • Dnrapp

    Perhaps the other ex’A’s could be Rickey Henderson. Rickey has been coaching with the Mets. And he will be going into the Hall Of Fame this year.

  • greenmachine

    I like Carney’s intensity, something the A’s desperately need in the coaching ranks. Seems wrong that he’s coaching for the Giants and not the A’s.

  • D W

    Congratulations to Joe’s Times-Star readers! Encinal’s 29-year World Series drought is over! Can’t wait to read, hear, and watch J-Roll’s homecoming. Saw FOX-Philly’s website after the game and their helicopter view of the fans’ celebration would have covered two Island Cities. Blocks and blocks of Downtown Philadelphia let it all go. Suffice it to say when the A’s bring the Eastbay’s next title home in the next several years (likely not next year or the year after, and it won’t be the W’s or Raiders any time soon), any Oakland party will seem like a Sunday service. The several bonfires in Philly will blow any Internet surfer away. It was that incredible!

  • D W

    D W was D-Dumb. Can’t forget D-Train and his 03 Florida Marlins win at Yankee Stadium. Unfortunately, Dontrelle Willis’ last 5 years have been forgettable either due to poor team play or his various injuries. But J-Roll is the first Encinal position player since Pops to win it all. Jimmy Rollins’ Broad Street-Philly parade is scheduled for tomorrow. Log on to http://www.philly.com for further details.