Holliday update …

Looks like left-hander Greg Smith will definitely be part of this deal. Just talked to him. He’s spoken with A’s assistant GM David Forst and Rockies GM Dan O’Dowd, and Smith is awaiting plans to fly to Denver to take a physical. In October, Smith had a bone chip removed from his left elbow. He expects to be fine for spring training, but it’s no surprise the Rockies would want to be sure. Smith hadn’t heard of any other players involved. But adding Carlos Gonzalez and Huston Street to the package seems very reasonable. I can’t see the A’s getting Holliday without including a top-shelf prospect for the future, and Gonzalez would fit the bill. Colorado expects to lose Brian Fuentes from its bullpen, so Street would help on that front.

Joe Stiglich

  • Congratulations from Denver on getting Matt Holliday! I dont see any reason why this wont go through, the Rockies are desperate, not to mention cheap. Matt is a solid guy both on and off the field. I saw him give a homeless man money from his own pocket at a gas station once last season. So is it safe to say Holliday replaces Swisher, though it’s a couple of years later? See you guys in June!

  • Oakland Si

    this deal probably says that Beane thinks the A’s can compete in 2009. Why otherwise trade for a player that may be near impossible to sign after 2009? But it also tells us that Beane is nowhere near done dealing, since Holliday alone doesn’t turn the A’s into a contending team in 2009…

  • rob

    Once agian Beane is hurting the A’s first says need prospects and build for the future then dumps them for a player that well not due well without the mile high air makes it hard to root for a team that never has players more then a a couple years then when sent packing become stars

  • Texas Todd

    As history will dictate, do you think these guys are glad to be out of Oakland and playing before several thousand not several hundred fans. Go Rockies