Do you like the Holliday deal?

While we wait for Joe Stiglich to bring us the latest update on how soon the A’s and Rockies will finalize the Matt Holliday trade, we’re wondering how fans of the green & gold feel about the impending deal. If you’ve got a second, cast your vote here .


Jon Becker

  • Big J

    Neither yes or no is really the appropriate answer – for what we know, I say no. If there’s an extension involved, a reasonable one that is, I say yes.

  • Marc

    Depends on how long we retain Holliday’s services. If we are renting him for a few months to get more prospects then I don’t think the deal is such a great thing. If we sign him for a few years and build an offense around him, then I think it is a good deal and we should take the chance.

    Early poster mentioned a lineup with Giambi and Cust. I just don’t see it. I think their both DHs and not 1Bs.