Take it or leave it?

We may be close to learning if Rafael Furcal ends up in an A’s uniform or not. Raise your hand if you’re ready for this to be resolved one way or another. … According to Buster Olney’s blog on espn.com, the A’s have made a multi-year offer to Furcal and are giving him a 48-72 hour window to accept or not. No word from either side yet on how true this is. But let’s look at what we know: The A’s have shown serious interest and, from all indications, are willing to give him a multi-year deal despite his recent back problems. Furcal enjoyed a visit to Oakland, and no other teams have emerged (publicly) as serious contenders. Maybe the winter meetings begin Monday and the interest in Furcal suddenly spikes. Or maybe he rekindles his relationship w/the Dodgers. But as it stands, I can see if the A’s are waiting for his decision and their patience is thinning. There are lots of areas around the diamond they can re-direct that free-agent cash, wouldn’t you say?

Joe Stiglich

  • Oakland Si

    so far what we know is that the Dodgers offered Furcal a 2-year deal but he wants four years. We don’t know what the A’s have offered, but I’m guessing perhaps three years guaranteed and perhaps a team option for a fourth year. Furcal may be holding out for that fourth guaranteed year (from the A’s or some other club). I’m not sure that the fourth year is such a good idea.

  • Oakland Si

    I forgot to add, so if the A’s move on, what are the other options? Will they decide to just stick with Crosby and look to add offense somewhere else in the lineup?

  • Oakland Si

    Ken Rosenthal is reporting that Furcal rejected the A’s offer of four years and no more than $40 million. I’m a bit surprised. I expected the sticking point to be the fourth year. However, if this is true the A’s offered Furcal a yearly pay cut from what he was making with the Dodgers.

    Also sounds like “Plan B” is Crosby.