No Furcal? What next for A’s?

Now that Rafael Furcal and his agent have declined the A’s reported four-year, $35-40 million deal, Oakland has apparently moved on to other free-agent targets. Our A’s beat writer, Joe Stiglich, has a recap of what transpired in the past 24 hours of the A’s-Furcal negotiations.

p.s., Joe is headed to Vegas for the Winter Meetings and he’ll keep you updated here on the latest A’s news and rumors.

Jon Becker
BANG-EB Online Sports Editor

Jon Becker

  • asfanatic

    Maybe this will all play out to the A’s advantage. I say go after a big bat and take your chances that a motivated Crosby turns things around.

  • AJ

    Good – he’s not worth it! Bad backs are never good any player. Especially one that’s going to get $40 million!

  • Son of Hendu

    Maybe the new hitting coach can get Crosby to get closer to the plate so he can hit the slider that everyone throws him with two strikes.

    Then Crosby could be the player we know he can be. Just a thought.

  • Bee

    For a while in 2008 he was standing closer to the plate and he did well. Then he slid back into his old ways and we all saw a lot of what Son of Hendu described. Maybe he’s scared of getting hit again. Anyway, he’s not lived up to his potential and if the A’s can land Furcal, Bobby will probably be gone. Somehow I don’t see him as the next Marco Scutaro.