RJ update

Alan Nero, one of the agents for Randy Johnson, took a few minutes this morning to address the market for the Big Unit. It doesn’t sound like Johnson will be signing anytime soon. “There’s a lot of interest. At this point, there’s so many other things that have to happen, such as trades, other free agent signings. But there’s more than enough interest,” Nero said. “There’s an old theory called supply and demand. I believe Randy will be in very big demand.”

Nero reiterated that both the A’s and Giants have shown “preliminary” interest in Johnson. So far, no meetings are planned with either team here in Las Vegas. Expect Johnson’s situation to clear up a little after C.C. Sabathia signs. Whoever doesn’t get him figures to give Johnson some attention (Brewers? Dodgers?)

As for the competition within the AL West for Johnson, I’m told it’s highly unlikely he would consider signing with Seattle, one of his former clubs. The Angels? Their interest is “peripheral,” according to Nero. One day, somebody needs to publish a dictionary that helps clarify these terms agents throw out there when talking about their players …

Joe Stiglich