Another RJ update

According to Barry Meister, Randy Johnson’s co-agent along with Alan Nero, interest in the Big Unit is ramping up now that C.C. Sabathia is no longer available. “There’s been a more urgent edge now that C.C. Sabathia (is off the market) in terms of a left-handed guy,” Meister said. He wouldn’t get specific about the number of teams or whether any offers have been extended. But it’s been reported that the Giants, Milwaukee, Texas and the Angels, among others, are in the hunt for Johnson. What does this mean for the A’s? Meister is friends with Billy Beane and said they keep in contact frequently. They’ve discussed Johnson but haven’t sat down formally. “They have another issue they’re working on that’s a little more pressing,” Meister said. Hmmm, could that be a certain switch-hitting shortstop? Espn.com reported the A’s met with Rafael Furcal’s camp Tuesday night. He’s also being pursued by the Dodgers, Royals and Blue Jays, according to his agent.

If the A’s are focusing on Furcal right now, that apparently doesn’t damage their chances of getting Johnson. “Teams are more aggressive (on Johnson) but not to the point that me and Billy have lost ground by not meeting,” Meister said.

So that’s where we stand …

Joe Stiglich