A’s put Crosby on outright waivers, says report

Does anybody think Bobby Crosby is worth $5.25 million? We’re about to find out.
Foxsports.com reported this morning that the A’s placed Crosby on outright waivers. That means any team can claim Crosby, if they’re willing to pay his 2009 salary of $5.25 million. The deadline for the outright waivers was 10 a.m. today, so we’ll soon learn if Crosby will remain in green and gold.
Chances are that Crosby will remain the A’s property. Aside from Crosby, the A’s only other in-house options at shortstop are Cliff Pennington and Gregorio Petit.
Perhaps a motivated Crosby will perform much better than his 2008 numbers (OK, it’s hard to fathon him performing much worse) while in the final year of his contract. He’ll turn 29 in January and this season may be his last to prove he’s a quality, everyday shortstop.
If you’re the A’s, do you make shortstop an open competition between Pennington and Crosby? Include Petit as well? Do you eat Crosby’s salary and release him?
Do you pursue Orlando Cabrera, even though he’ll cost you a second-round pick in next year’s draft? What about David Eckstein as a stopgap until they can determine if Pennington or Adrian Cardenas are shortstop-worthy?

Jon Becker

  • Derek

    Eckstein would be a good pick-up because he’s a good leadoff hitter and he hustles his butt off.

  • Jon Becker


    I agree that Eckstein is the most attractive free-agent option. Would you still keep Crosby around or just pay him to leave? I’m not so sure I wouldn’t just keep Crosby and somehow hope that he’s so motivated that he turns in at least a decent season in ’09.

  • Oakland Si

    question: if nobody claims Crosby, and if the A’s try to assign him to the minor leagues, I believe he has the right to refuse and become a free agent, right? If that should happen are the A’s still on the hook for the remainder of his contract?

  • Jon Becker

    Oakland Si,

    Because Crosby has played in the big leagues for 5 years, he has to consent to the minor league assignment. Unless he REALLY likes Sacramento, that’s not happening. So, you’re right. He can refuse to go and then the A’s would either have to keep him in the majors or release him. And, you’re also right in that one way or another Crosby will get his plus-$5 million salary in ’09 (from someone!)

  • Bee

    Jon, welcome to the blog. I hope putting Crosby on outright waivers is a wake-up call for him. He is going into his contract year and needs to do well if he expects to stay in the middle millions of dollars/year or higher. At least he played in 140+ games last year; that was a great improvement over the previous three years, but he has to more than step up to the plate,if you’ll pardon my pun, and start hitting as he did in his rookie year.

  • The Sear

    More bad decisions by the overrated Billy Beane comes back to haunt the team..Crosby has been an injury prone loser for years and no one would pay $525,000 for him much less $5.25 mil..

    Crosby and Chavez, Billy Beane favorites, have stolen money from the A’s for years..

  • Derek

    Bobby Crosby is nothing more than a back-up infielder. He needs to learn how to play 1st and 3rd base, make himself a utility guy, otherwise he’s not long for the majors.

    Would I keep himif I were GM, NO !! unless I was completely stuck with him, with no takers, I’d keep him rather than pay him 5 million for nothing.

    Beane should have shipped Crosby in one of those rip-off deal in which he shipped Harden and Blanton for peanuts.