Crosby and his $5.25 million salary clear waivers

If the A’s are going to get rid of shortstop Bobby Crosby, they’ll either have to pay part of his $5.25 million ’09 salary in a trade or simply release him.
Oakland tested the waters by placing Crosby on outright waivers and found that no team valued him enough to pick up his contract.

Jon Becker

  • The Sear

    Who would want this broken down loser?? He is just another reminder of Billy Beane’s stupidity in paying Chavez a ton of money to be hurt, and making Crosby the shortstop, instead of Miguel Tejada..

    Why does everything think Beane is such a genius..I think he is one of the worst GM’s I have ever seen..Its all about the deal for Beane..His teams have NEVER WON ANYTHING, PERIOD..
    He doesn’t care about anything but advancing Billy Beane..I am calling you out Beane, you have done zero!!! The most overrated person in all of sports is Billy Beane..What has he ever won anywhere??????????????????????

  • Derek

    Of course not, Bobby Crosby sux !!!