Catching up on A’s-related news

If you’ve been too busy with your holiday shopping to keep track of some A’s-related items, here’s a quick update:

  • No one thought Billy Beane’s free-agent chase would end with the failed Rafael Furcal negotiations, and word came down Friday that the A’s general manager is now targeting a familiar face. A tip of the cap to Susan Slusser, who reported that the A’s are going to reach out to free-agent Jason Giambi.
  • There’s a nightmare after Christmas in store for A’s fans, thanks to MLB.com/Live, which will begin showing some classic games online. Look at which game is among those they’re showing first.
  • Another former A’s first baseman, Dan Johnson, is now headed to Japan. Does anyone still miss him?
  • A former A’s farmhand in the ’80s is now passing on lessons he learned in spring training from Billy Martin to the high school team he’s coaching in Las Vegas.
  • Minorleagueball.com’s John Sickels recently released his list of the Top 20 Oakland A’s prospects for 2009. No surprises at the top, but some of the grades may raise an eyebrow or two. Sickels also serves to torment A’s fans by displaying the Baseball America cover with Oakland’s “Four Aces” adorning it. Can you remember all of their names?
  • ¬†And, finally, take this for what it’s worth. In trying to figure out who the mystery team is that supposedly made a huge offer to free-agent Mark Teixeira, Bleacher Report includes the A’s as one of the possible teams who secretly reached out to Scott Boras.
  • Jon Becker