Where does he fit?

So let’s say the A’s do lure free agent Jason Giambi back to Oakland. I’m debating what role fits him (and the team) best: First base or DH? Plug him in at first base, where Giambi played primarily in ’08 for the Yankees, and Daric Barton’s at-bats get taken away. If you use him at DH, what does that mean for Jack Cust? All three players hit left-handed, which doesn’t simplify things.

I’m sure this will be discussed in detail if Giambi’s agent does talk with the A’s this week. All things considered, I’d hand Giambi his first-base glove and hold my breath he gets the job done. The A’s offense, even after adding Matt Holliday and possibly Giambi, would still need Cust’s power in the lineup. Putting him at DH and Giambi at 1B leaves Barton as odd man out. But giving the kid some more minor-league seasoning might benefit him in the long run. And what if the A’s want to stick with Barton but also play Giambi and Cust? How would Cust playing right field grab you? I bet I know that answer, but I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility.

How would you use Giambi if he gets signed?

Joe Stiglich