Scratch Randy Johnson off the A’s list

It doesn’t look like Randy Johnson will be collecting that 300th win in an A’s uniform. At least that’s what one of his agents, Barry Meister, told me this afternoon. “I don’t expect Oakland to be in the mix” for the free-agent lefty, Meister said.

It seemed the A’s interest had been growing lukewarm. But are you bummed about this? Or did the idea of signing a 45-year-old pitcher not light your fire in the first place? I think it’s obvious the A’s rotation needs another veteran besides Justin Duchscherer. During the winter meetings, Billy Beane said if he signed any starter, he wanted it to be an impact guy who could fit anywhere in the rotation. Define that however you wish. I don’t expect them to get in a bidding war for Derek Lowe, but Randy Wolf and Jon Garland are a couple of names that stand out in my mind among other free agents.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays! Feel free to chime in …

Joe Stiglich

  • France

    If Beane is looking for another veteran starting pitcher what about Freddy Garcia or Kenny Rogers from the Tigers, or even Bartolo Colon, but he’s had some health issues.

    I really think Beane should think about getting more offensive firepower. You don’t want a staff of young pitchers thinking they’ve got to pitch a shutout everytime they take the mound.

  • Steve Toomajian

    Randy Johnson would have been a good fit. Now that Johnson apparently is out of the mix, I absolutely do not like Garland but I think that Wolf could be useful.
    Could it be that Billy Beane and his staff really view Brett Anderson and Trevor Cahill as being ready to debut in the Big Show for 2009? These two guys could be so good that the A’s defy conventional wisdom and go “in your face” with high level young pitching talent even if unproven. (We know Billy takes risks.)

  • Joe Stiglich

    You’re right, Wolf would be a nice addition. The fact that the Mets are interested in him is probably going to drive his price tag up no matter what. And one thing I was thinking of after I wrote that blog about the A’s pitching: They’re looking for more of a short-term, one-year deal type of guy, and Wolf and Garland are young enough to be looking for multi-year deals, I would think. … I’m pretty interested to see what Anderson and Cahill have myself, but don’t you think both would benefit from some Triple-A seasoning? It may not matter. If either shines in camp, it might be hard to keep them out of the rotation.

  • Scott No 2

    The only thing I don’t like about Johnson signing with the giants is the fact we have to watch him bat every 5th day.

  • Bee

    As for losing Johnson, my fires were banked and dying when the ubject first reared its head. He may be one of the greatest pitchers we’ve seen in a long time, but he is 45 years old, for crying in a bucket. The Giants can have him. We either need to go after Garland or Wolf, or push the young guns already in the system. The latter would not be my choice unless we have a rash of injuries and we need them.

  • AthleticsBong

    I think The Big Unit would have been a great fit. It would have allowed for only one empty rotation spot, with Duke, Gallagher, Johnson and Eveland shoring up the first four. The fifth spot could have been Gio’s to see if he really is major league material. IF he isnt, (or if one of the other starters get hurt) which are both possibilities, we could have brought up one of the young guns after they had a few months at Triple A. Johnson signing for a year deal would have been a huge asset to the team as it would have allowed Cahill and Anderson to develop as much as possible.