A’s ink radio deal

As we wait to see when baseball’s free agent market finally gets churning — and how the A’s figure into that — here’s a few team-related items you might find interesting:

*The A’s have a new radio station, signing a one-year deal with KTRB Radio 860-AM for broadcasting rights to all 162 games for 2009. No longer should the voices of Ken Korach and Vince Cotroneo go fuzzy from pitch to pitch. KTRB will provide a much clearer signal throughout Alameda and Contra Costa counties than fans have enjoyed in seasons past, according to A’s VP of broadcasting and communications Ken Pries. Pries is hopeful of working out a long-term deal with KTRB eventually.

*Looks like the Tampa Bay Rays and outfielder/DH Pat Burrell have agreed to a two-year deal, and that seems to boost the chances of an A’s/Jason Giambi reunion. The Rays reportedly were also considering Giambi but may drop that pursuit now that they’ve acquired Burrell’s bat.

*Yahoo’s Jeff Passan has a story up discussing the A’s offseason strategy and what they hope to accomplish with it. Check it out here.

Joe Stiglich

  • knarfby

    I’m really glad the A’s have a new, 50,000 watt radio home. About time!!

    However, I really wish they’d take a good hard look at their announcing team. They are absolutely getting blown out of the water by Kruk, Kuip, Miller and Flemming… These guys are an adventure to listen to. The A’s announcers, however, are a good substitute for Sominex…

    Ken Korach is strong enough; however, in the above-mentioned booth he could ascend no higher than Dave Flemming’s current #3 role (the very talented D.F. is still young; apprenticing with the masters gives him a very bright future)… Cotroneo: competent and extremely boring… Ray Fosse may be knowledgeable and a nice guy, but for the life of me I can’t understand how he’s managed to stay on for 24 years. He’s like listening to grass grow…

    Until the A’s find an interesting personality or two to spice up their drab broadcast persona, they will always be the second-tier team in the Bay Area.

  • Greg

    Great news about the radio slot – listening to A’s games on the radio defines summer for me, and in some ways I prefer it to television. Knowing that the game won’t fade in and out on long drives is comforting; now we just need to make sure that the lineup will provide us enough worth listening to …