Just like old times

Jason Giambi’s return to the A’s is nearing realization. A source has told MediaNews that a deal is close to being completed with the free agent slugger, and that an announcement could come as early as tomorrow. So it looks as though the A’s will add a second impact hitter to go along with recently acquired Matt Holliday. Obviously, their offense looks greatly improved on paper with Giambi’s addition. Now the question is whether Giambi, who turns 38 on Thursday, would see most of his time at first base or designated hitter. Jack Cust, who led the A’s with 33 homers last season, appears slated for designated hitter, but playing Giambi at first would squeeze incumbent starter Daric Barton out of playing time.

ESPN reports the contract is a one-year deal at $4 million, with a second-year option at $6.5 million (with a $1.25 million buyout). Not a huge dent in the A’s wallet, which means they may not be done adding offense. They could also use a veteran starting pitcher, so we’ll see how they spread out their money.

For now, how do you feel about Giambi returning to the fold?

Joe Stiglich

  • localboy

    This would be a great pickup at the right price for a veteran leader as Giambi is. G has always been one of my favorite A’s and his bat will help take some of the obvious pressure Holiday was going to face trying to carry the offensive punch for the team. The familiar surrounding will help Jason ease back into his comfort zone and hopefully he has a little something to prove. I believe he still has some pop in his bat and hopefully he can hit at least 25 homers with 80 to 90 rbi and hit for average around 280 and above. This almost makes the A’s relevent again at least in the short run. Now we need a legitimate shortstop and hopefully Chavez can come back from injury and be a candidate for comeback player of the year. Wishful thinking huh!

  • John

    Not sure, it seems like they 2 of the same in Jack Cust and Giambi

  • Son of Hendu

    Now let’s get Miggy and Huddy and get the band together again. Party like it is 1999!

  • Kurt

    Lets hope he likes Oakland more than when he left!

  • Nathan

    Jack Cust is the same player, a power hitter with a good eye, who is a slow, fielding liability. The main difference is Jack wants to play here, and costs a lot less. Jason was greedy and turned his back on the franchise. I’m fine with his return if it doesn’t cost Jack his major league career.

  • Good pick up!

    Giambi is a much better hitter than Cust.

    Cust is basicaly a “strike out” prone power hitter who actually had a high number of Base on Balls (walks) last year. Most of those walks were intentional as he is not the most patient hitter as I mentioned he strikes out a lot.

    But Giambi, even now, is the better hitter.