Batting-stance guy

If you get a few minutes, check out this youtube bit. This guy imitates batting stances of a bunch of A’s players from all different eras. Not only does he have the swings down, he nails the mannerisms too …

Joe Stiglich

  • asfanatic

    Awesome stuff. Man this guy really nailed it! Thanks for sharing.

  • Nodaclu

    Those were really, really good. A couple, especially Dwayne Murphy in particular, had me laughing out loud.

    Murphy was the late 70’s, early 80’s version of Bobby Crosby. A guy with a swing so flawed that even a 10 year old boy (me) could watch him for 10 seconds and say “Daddy, why does that guy have his cap pulled over his eyes and why does he swing WAY too hard?!?”

    I miss those days. It was awfully easy to get a good seat when there were only 962 people in the stands (a game I attended in 1979 during the 54-108 season).

  • Joe Stiglich

    Quick Dwayne Murphy story. He and one of his outfield mates, Mike Davis, used to swing through my hometown (Antioch, CA) on their way to spring training. They would stop at these batting cages and take a bunch of hacks to work off some of the winter rust, and they’d have a big crowd watching them. One year Rickey showed up and even took time out to play air hockey w/some kids. As luck would have it, I wasn’t there that day …

  • Son of Hendu

    Wayne Gross? I don’t think even Wayne Gross remembers how Wayne Gross’s swing was. Amazing, this guy is dead on.