McGwire ‘outed’?

Wow, back in the blogosphere again. The job description for me has changed in the past couple of months — won’t bore you with the details — so the posting in this space has belonged primarily to Joe Stiglich, our fine A’s beat writer. But I’ve recently been given clearance to launch again, and Joe and I will be sharing the space as we get closer to spring training.

Anyway, wanted something interesting to mark my return and darned if Dead Spin hasn’t provided it. It’s tough to tell sometimes what’s for real and what’s tongue in cheek on that site, but it appears that Jay McGwire is about to out his older brother. You know, the guy who bombed 345 homers over his final seven seasons.

Of course, to say this reveals any great insight would be akin to saying that George Michael’s misadventures at Beverly Hills park a decade ago revaled something we didn’t really know already about his sexuality.

Still, Jay McGwire’s story, if an when it’s published, removes yet another layer of doubt surrounding his big brother. I can tell you that when Mark McGwire appeared on Capitol Hill four years ago, I got an e-mail out of the blue fromĀ a guy who told me he knew Jay McGwire from a local gym and that it was an open secret the guy was dealing in steroids. The gentleman wouldn’t go on the record, wouldn’t lead me to anyone else, and the story never went anywhere. But it’s interesting.

And speaking of McGwire, the kid who does batting-stance impersonations did a fantastic one of No. 25. But the best was Dwayne Murphy with the hat pulled down over his head and swinging so hard he fell down.