Motivation for Bobby Crosby? Not a problem

It seems every year Bobby Crosby shows up to spring training with something to prove, whether it’s trying to boost his sagging offensive stats, or just showing he can stay healthy. Things won’t change this spring. Could there be a more motivated Athletic in 2009? After he’s watched the A’s spend the offseason looking to replace him at shortstop? If you read my post from yesterday, you saw Bob Geren’s comments about Crosby. He referred to Crosby as a “tough guy” and said he’ll get every opportunity this season. But there’s an extremely lukewarm feel to every comment made by every member of the A’s brass when it comes to Crosby, even when the words are complimentary. So it’s surprising to hear that Crosby is upbeat and enthusiastic about 2009. Part of that is the hitting work he’s been doing recently with Mark McGwire, who was introduced to Crosby through Matt Holliday.

I know a lot of you have seen enough of Crosby. But I’ll be interested to see how several things play out this season. Can these hitting tips from McGwire, which Crosby is ecstatic about, carry over into the season? Will new A’s hitting coach Jim Skaalen make any difference? How about new infield coach Mike Gallego, who also is close to McGwire? Does being in a contract year light a fire under Crosby? My guess is he doesn’t need an expired contract to get fired up. The events of this offseason have done that already …

Joe Stiglich