Motivation for Bobby Crosby? Not a problem

It seems every year Bobby Crosby shows up to spring training with something to prove, whether it’s trying to boost his sagging offensive stats, or just showing he can stay healthy. Things won’t change this spring. Could there be a more motivated Athletic in 2009? After he’s watched the A’s spend the offseason looking to replace him at shortstop? If you read my post from yesterday, you saw Bob Geren’s comments about Crosby. He referred to Crosby as a “tough guy” and said he’ll get every opportunity this season. But there’s an extremely lukewarm feel to every comment made by every member of the A’s brass when it comes to Crosby, even when the words are complimentary. So it’s surprising to hear that Crosby is upbeat and enthusiastic about 2009. Part of that is the hitting work he’s been doing recently with Mark McGwire, who was introduced to Crosby through Matt Holliday.

I know a lot of you have seen enough of Crosby. But I’ll be interested to see how several things play out this season. Can these hitting tips from McGwire, which Crosby is ecstatic about, carry over into the season? Will new A’s hitting coach Jim Skaalen make any difference? How about new infield coach Mike Gallego, who also is close to McGwire? Does being in a contract year light a fire under Crosby? My guess is he doesn’t need an expired contract to get fired up. The events of this offseason have done that already …

Joe Stiglich

  • OaklandSi

    My impression of Crosby has always been that he wants to do well and that he is trying to figure out how to improve. That said, it is perplexing that nobody has been able to help him to shorten up his swing (it is real long and loopy, and he actually pulls back alot when he is about to swing) and improve his stance enough. Hey, if McGwire’s tips turn out to do the trick, great!

  • Bee

    Ir’s obvious watching Crosby swing that he needs to make some changes. As OaklandSi says, his swing is way too “long and loopy.” He has been told this in the past and for a short while he shortens up his swing and he gets hits. Then for some reason he reverts to his old bad habits, probably trying to hit home runs rather than get hits. More often than not he strikes out on low and inside pitches. It is really frustrating to watch. My husband has gotten really sick of me yelling these things at the TV screen when he’s at bat.

    He also needs to keep his front hip closed longer, that will keep him from pulling off the ball. Shortening his swing and keeping his hip closed longer will solve most of his hitting problems, and the pitchers won’t get away with pitching low and away nearly as much because he will be able to reach those pitches if they are over the plate. He also needs to know when to lay off the low and outside pitches, his nemisis.

  • Bee

    Oops, I meant low and outside pitches. Sorrry!

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