On Springer and more

The A’s apparently are closing in on a deal with free agent reliever Russ Springer. Forgive me if I don’t go overboard with anticipation.

Don’t get me wrong. Springer has had two very good years in a row. But relief pitchers are a little bit like the economy. You can use your best data to get an idea of what will happen in the coming 12 months, but in reality, it’s far too unpredictable to know for sure. So while Springer will add a nice veteran presence for a young bullpen, it’s worth noting that he hasn’t pitched in the American League — generally considered superior offensively to the National League — since he was with the then-Anaheim Angels in 1995.

That said, the A’s usually do a nice job of finding setup men. Jim Mecir, Jeff Tam, Chad Bradford, Mike Magnante, and even Ricardo Rincon (for a time) have been the right men at the right time through the years. It’ll be interesting to see if Springer can do the same.

— No brainer call by the A’s brass to re-up play-by-play man Ken Korach for another couple of seasons. I did not envy Korach when he had to step in for Lon Simmons back in 1995, but through the years, he has established himself as one of the best in the game. I’m not sure how much the kids out there still listen to games on the radio, but broadcasting that way has become a lost art. Korach maintains objectivity (a nearly extinct quality these days), regularly gives props to opponents and does a fantastic job of painting a picture. Now that the A’s are on a radio station that can be heard outside the Coliseum parking lot, do yourself a treat and tune in.

— One last note on the Jay McGwire/Mark McGwire news item last week. I asked Matt Holliday at a luncheon last Thursday whether he would care if it was revealed officially that McGwire used steroids. Holliday, who has worked on his hitting with Big Mac, predictably didn’t comment. But it seems to me that, at this point, why would we care? It would be a bit like condeming somebody for smoking in the 1950s or not wearing their seat belts in the ’70s. Mark McGwire was a product of his time and seems to have made some mistakes with his choices along the way. That would put him in company with, oh, the entire human race. But what bothers me is his lack of forthrightness. If he truly wants to help people, he needs to be honest about his experience, whatever it may have been. Living a lie, if that’s indeed what he’s doing, is an extremely dark place to be.


  • OaklandSi

    Seeing as how Andrew Brown will likely be unavailable due to injury, this Spring signing looks even more likely to happen.

    He’s had good numbers against right-handed batters, but lefthanded hitters’ BA were about 100 points higher than rightie last year…so would he be a ROOGY?

  • Bee

    Great that Ken Korach is singed for two more seasons. He has a wonderful radio voice and is so knowledgeable. I listen to the games when I am driving or when the game isn’t televised. It’s a joy to listen to him.

    I agree that Big Mac should come clean about his steroid use and put it behind him. He certainly didn’t make a very good showing in his testemony before congress. It’s too bad his brother has to make a buck on Mac’s back in such a chinzy way, but that’s today’s culture which I detest.

    I’m looking forward to the 2009 season. I think we could really have a good team this year.

  • Bee

    Oops! I hope that Ken didn’t get burned by my attempt at praising him! 🙂