Pondering Abreu, Dunn

So we know that the A’s could make a run for free agent shortstop Orlando Cabrera. Now Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe mentions in this story that they could still consider outfielders Adam Dunn and Bobby Abreu. This could get interesting if only because the Angels also are said to be considering Abreu and Dunn. I wonder how much extra incentive there would be for these division rivals to sign one of those guys simply to keep the other team from getting him? Just food for thought, particularly w/the A’s thinking they can make a run at the defending AL West champs. From the A’s perspective, signing either Abreu or Dunn would create an even bigger logjam in their RF/1B/DH mix, and you’d have to think it would spur a follow-up trade of some kind. But with many of the remaining free agents looking like they could be available at bargain prices, anything’s possible, right?

Joe Stiglich

  • asfan09

    there would be a logjam, but would a trade be needed to follow?

    buck and sweeney i consider no sure things due to their health issues. you could rotate both as 4th OF’s until they prove their durability. barton/cunningham back in AAA for more seasoning.

    having holliday, dunn/breu on the OF corners, giambi 1b, and Cust at DH wouldnt be the most ideal defensive alignment but it improves the offense.

    this would make them frontrunners or close to it for the division. keeping them away from the angels would be huge.

  • I’m not for any plan that takes Sweeney out of an everyday role. He showed he was pretty tough playing through pain last season, and I think he does too many good things not to have him in there full-time. I just think that signing Abreu or Dunn would give them the kind of surplus where exploring a trade seems logical. Of course, with this team’s injury history, “surplus” is a dangerous word.