Giambi’s media address

Jason Giambi sent a few balls rocketing over the fence at Papago Park Baseball Complex this afternoon, then held court for an 11-minute media session after the A’s first full-squad workout. Sporting a short haircut and a beard he admitted is going gray, Giambi reiterated how happy he is to be w/the A’s again and that he’d like to bring some fun to the clubhouse.

He also confirmed he’s been subpoenaed to testify in Barry Bonds’ perjury trial, which is scheduled to begin March 2. He didn’t know the date he’d have to testify. Giambi, who issued a public but vague apology about his own use of performance-enhancing drugs back in 2005, said he wasn’t anticipating anything one way or another from the experience. “I’ve already said what I had to say. I think everybody knows about it.”

That was the most serious moment of an otherwise light-hearted Q&A. Giambi, the life of the clubhouse when he played with the A’s from 1995-2001, said he appreciated the welcome he got from his mostly younger teammates this morning.

“I told them, ‘Listen, I don’t blow up balloons and do parties and stuff like that, but we’re gonna have fun. We’re going to go to dinner and do all the stuff we used to do.”

As for how many years he wants to keep playing?

“Until they tear this ‘uni’ off me. What else am I gonna do? Maybe be a bouncer at strip joints. That’s about all I’m qualified to do.”

Joe Stiglich