Higher expectations

The A’s just hit the field for their first full squad workout, which came right after manager Bob Geren assembled everybody for an introductory team meeting. It covered a wide range of topics, Geren said, but had one major theme: The A’s are better than last season’s 75-86 squad, and the bar is set higher for ’09. Asked if the idea of contending for the AL West title was addressed, Geren answered in the affirmative.

“I said expectations are up with what we’ve done and that’s a good thing,” said Geren, referring to the acquisition of players such as Matt Holliday and Jason Giambi. “I don’t imagine anybody has picked us to finish first (in the AL West), but we’re definitely an improved team.”

This will be the first day Giambi takes the field with his teammates, many of whom showed up early for informal workouts. He looked upbeat as he settled in front of his locker this morning, located just two spots away from Holliday. He’s scheduled for his first media chat after practice, so check back here a bit later …

Joe Stiglich

  • Bee

    I loved the slide show. I hope you guys do more of that for us fans who are starved for baseball and wishing we were in Phoenix.

    Yes, the fans’ expectations are also high for this years team. With two big bats in the middle of the lineup and some increased speed in the mix, it should make for a very enjoyable year. Let’s hope everyone stays healthy.