“Bobby, you’re hot!”

The above was the persistent cry of a lone female fan at the Coliseum last year, and given how empty the place often was, it often echoed like a public address statement.

Obviously, it didn’t refer to his game.

A’s management clearly came to realize this, too. Finally. Four full seasons after thinking they’d found a suitable replacement for Miguel Tejada, the A’s essentially gave Crosby his walking papers on Wednesday.┬áNot a moment too soon, either.

Look, I like Crosby. Good guy. Works extremely hard. Always been accountable. But the guy has a hole in his swing that size of a hula hoop, and even though he’s done an incredible amount of work to correct it, a guy can only do so much. So while his offensive numbers may improve, he’s never going to be what the A’s thought they had. Thus, the reason it’s smart to cut bait and find another solution.

Orlando Cabrera provides that opportunity. Our paper had a terrific graphic today, indicating just how much of an upgrade this is. What it compared were the three-year averages of Cabrera and Crosby over the past three seasons. In case you haven’t seen it, here’s what they are.

Games — Cabrera 156, Crosby 111

Average — Cabrera .288, Crosby .232

Home Runs — Cabrera 8, Crosby 8

RBI — Cabrera 72, Crosby 44

On-Base Pct. — Cabrera .338, Crosby .292

Errors — Cabrera 14, Crosby 14

I have a tough time believing Crosby will last in Oakland all season, and I’d be a tad surprised if he’s even there come Opening Day. He’s making $5.25 million, which makes him expensive in this time of economic downturn and too rich to be a “super sub,” which is how the A’s apparently perceive him now (all in all, I’d rather have Marco Scutaro in that role; oh wait, the A’s gave him away). Meantime, it would seem to reason that some team will find itself with a need for a shortstop at some point.

In the meantime, another favorite chant among a couple of my colleagues can be repeated with luster and good feeling this morning.



  • Gail

    I could not agree with you more! Baseball is a game where the numbers speak loudly. Good work…