Joe Stiglich

  • cris

    so with cabrera and GarciaParra on the team, who else gets squeezed out other than crosby? barton? hannihan? pennington? what’s the over under before the dl is used and one of the afore mentioned get called up from sacramento?

  • Pretty good questions you’ve hit on Cris. … Let’s assume the A’s keep 12 pitchers, 5 OF’s and two catchers, like I’m thinking they will. That leaves six infielders to keep for the 25-man roster. Assuming everyone’s healthy by Opening Day (a big ‘if,’ I know), you’ve got Chavez at third, Cabrera at short, Ellis at second, Giambi at first. They’re going to keep Crosby as a backup infielder because of his salary. And the last spot would go to Nomar. So I can see Barton and Hannahan being sent down. Nomar has an advantage over Barton because he bats right-handed (to complement Giambi the left-hander). And Nomar can back up at first and third, w/Crosby backing up SS and 2B. Remember that several of these guys are injury risks (including Nomar), so none of this is set in stone. The A’s aren’t making statements about roster spots yet, so it’s my speculation at this point …