Cabrera on field with A’s; Nomar may arrive today

As I write this, Orlando Cabrera is on the field working out w/the A’s, yet the team still has not publicly acknowledged his signing. Strange indeed. But we do know there’s supposed to be a press conference at about noon to announce the signing of him and Nomar Garciaparra, the two newest members of the infield. My understanding is Garciaparra might be in attendance at the press conference, he might not. The only thing I can think is that the A’s just wanted to address both players at the same time rather than do two separate sessions. Still weird … Cabrera is wearing No. 18 by the way. He’s not in today’s lineup.

–Reporters waited for more than an hour for manager Bob Geren to do his mornining media chat, but he never emerged from the clubhouse. Normally he does it right when the team stretches at 9:15. A good chunk of whatever meeting was going on presumably involved Bobby Crosby, because he didn’t join his teammates on the field until about 10:10. I’d think Crosby had to have been talking to Geren and GM Billy Beane regarding his status, whether the team might try to find a trade for him, etc. Crosby is starting at shortstop today …

–Justin Duchscherer is back with the team after visiting Dr. Lewis Yocum. Duchscherer said no major damage was found w/his elbow, but “there is wear and tear” from years of pitching. He’s going to try throwing again Monday (just catch, not on the mound). He was relieved that it doesn’t appear to be a long-term injury, and seemed a little more at ease than a couple of days ago. But he’s not predicting when he might get on the mound. “I don’t want to put any expectations,” he said. “I just want to listen to my body.” Chances would seem to be pretty slim that he could start the season opener.

–Today’s lineup vs. the Seattle Mariners, who I’m told won’t bring Ken Griffey Jr. w/them to Phoenix …

Davis CF
Suzuki C
Holliday LF
Giambi 1B
Chavez DH
Crosby SS
Cunningham RF
Dillon 3B
Wimberly 2B

Edgar Gonzalez on the mound …

Joe Stiglich