Duchscherer, Ellis updates

Providing injury updates can get pretty old (I’d imagine they’re not much fun for you to read after a while either). But this morning brought substantial news on some key A’s players. Justin Duchscherer threw a 25-pitch bullpen session, his first time throwing off a mound in about three weeks. We haven’t had a chance to chat w/him yet, but manager Bob Geren said Duchscherer felt good afterward. I saw Duchscherer snap off several of the slow, arching curves that he likes to use, so his elbow must be feeling decent to throw that many breaking balls. Geren said Duchscherer probably would throw another bullpen session before taking the next step, which could be throwing batting practice or appearing in a minor league game. So what does this mean for Duchscherer’s chances of avoiding the DL when the season starts? Tough to say. Maybe he’ll have more light to shed on things later.

–Another positive development for the A’s: Mark Ellis is set to play second base in a minor league game Saturday, which will be his first defensive action of the spring. He’ll play about three innings, Geren said, and probably hit leadoff to cram in all the at-bats he can. If that goes well, he’ll play in another minor league game Monday and play second for the A’s on Wednesday against the White Sox in Glendale. Ellis has been saying he feels right on schedule to be ready Opening Day, and it’s looking that way.

Orlando Cabrera is still sick, so Bobby Crosby returns to the familiar territory of shortstop for today’s game vs. the Indians in Goodyear: The lineup:

Davis CF
Cust RF
Garciaparra 3B
Giambi DH
Powell C
Barton 1B
Crosby SS
Cunningham LF
Pennington 2B

Brett Anderson on the hill …

Joe Stiglich

  • 94577Z06

    Hi joe s

    Do u think u could please write about some of the at bats by individual players. Such as holliday and giambi. Or even some of the pitcher vs batter going ons thru the game.
    Thank you

  • Neil

    Love the injury updates. Important part of fantasy baseball. Thanks for the info. Got Duch for a buck in a keeper league.

  • Bee

    Great news about Duke and Ellie. I hope they continue to improve healthwise. I still think Duke should pitch out of the pen, at least in the beginning, and maybe all season. His body breaks down too much to be a starter. He’s been an allstar in both roles so he’s really good wherever Geren puts him.

  • ‘Z’,

    I’d like to start writing about the ‘big guns’ like Holliday and Giambi a little more, and you’ll probably read more about them as the season draws closer. … One reason I haven’t been providing a lot of batter-pitcher game detail is because I typically only get to watch maybe the first three innings before I’m hustling down to the clubhouse to do interviews. Spring training is weird … the starting pitcher does his media chat shortly after he comes out of the game (usually around the fifth inning). So there’s a lot happening that I don’t get to see as it’s unfolding (which is different from the regular season, when I’m writing primarily about the game itself).

    Having said all this, I’ll try to provide a little insight on how guys look throughout the game. Glad you’re paying close enough attention to call me on it …

  • Oakland Sí

    Hope Duchscerer doesn’t get a bad attitude if the A’s decide they need to use him in the bullpen.