Giants turn a triple play

The Giants just turned a 5-4-3 triple play against the A’s here at Phoenix Muni to end the eighth inning. Bobby Crosby hit a bouncer to third baseman Ryan Rohlinger, who stepped on the bag and threw to second baseman Matt Downs, who relayed to first baseman Scott McClain to get Crosby by a step.

Rohlinger-to-Downs-to-McClain … Not quite as catchy as Tinker-to-Evers-to-Chance, but one heck of a play.

Giants lead in the ninth, 7-3, by the way …

Joe Stiglich

  • 94577Z06

    Another example of why the A’s are ridding themselves of bobby Crosby.

  • Dlo

    Please, a triple play is all about luck!!
    Bobby Crosby didn’t become the superstar we all expected him to be and I think he will be a valuable asset being how injury prone Chavez and Ellis have been in the past. I know Crosby has suffered some injuries as well, lets hope he doesn’t fall off the bench while he’s riding the pine this year and he stays healthy!!

    Go A’s!

  • What I’ve seen of Bobby he is just a fair player. When we had Marco in the same role he was clutch,Bobby will never be.

  • Jan K Oski

    Larry H… I noticed you’ve improved your grammar, but you still hate Crosby. Why the angst? It’s obvious to everyone that Beane’s impressions of him didn’t translate into the MLB level, but he’s still a better defensive backup than Marco will ever be. The A’s have more than enough capable bats, so Crosby won’t be seeing those 9th inning 2 out scenarios. Relax man, the season hasn’t even started! Enjoy A-ball!

  • Great to hear from you Oski. I know my grammar sucks,Oakland Public Schools. Bobby has a hole in his swing the size of the Grand Canyon. Bobby wanted to be traded, I would like to know to whom.