Slain Oakland policemen on Ozzie Guillen’s mind

The White Sox are in Phoenix to play the A’s this afternoon, and you never know what might come out of Chicago manager Ozzie Guillen’s mouth. He’s one of the game’s most unpredictable characters. But he was all seriousness talking about the tragic news of four Oakland police officers being shot Saturday, three fatally. Guillen took a white marker and wrote “OPD” on his black White Sox hat in tribute to the fallen officers.

“There’s no reason to take peoples’ lives. It should be a hard day for the Bay Area,” Guillen said. “I’ve never seen anything sadder than a police funeral. To take anybody’s life, especially when you’re a policeman or fireman (and) you’re protecting this country. … How come we only worry about police when they get killed? We don’t give them enough credit for making our life easier.”

Joe Stiglich