Ziegler reflects on WBC

While the A’s were getting hammered 20-5 by the Cubs on Monday, reliever Brad Ziegler happened to show up to the park in the middle of the game. Ziegler pitched with Team USA in the World Baseball Classic, and though the Americans were eliminated by Japan in Sunday’s semifinals, Ziegler said the experience was a rush. “It was easily the best baseball experience of my life,” he said. “Hopefully we can top it with a World Series (with Oakland), but I think that’s the only thing that could beat it.”

But Ziegler, who is taking over as the A’s player rep to the union, thinks there are some changes that could be made to the WBC. He’s eager to collect feedback from some of the A’s players, and be pro-active in addressing the issues. “The big thing is the (schedule) needs to be condensed,” he said. “You can’t play eight games in 22 days. At that point, there’s not a guy there that’s getting the innings he needs.”

Joe Stiglich

  • Bee

    I enjoyed the few WBC games that I watched, but unless the Team USA is playing, it’s kind of a snooza, as Tony Danza would say. Yes there are MLB players on most of the teams, but only one other Athletic played (as far as I know.)

    Yes, the schedule needs to be tightened up, which means more venues, so that more of the pool games can be played sumultaneously. 8 games in 22 days is nuts. The players neeed more game time than that to get ready for the season.