• Jan K Oski

    Let me see if I comprehend this news. The work on 4th bore hasn’t been started, even though there was a huge billboard thanking the government for it on 680 south in walnut creek. Then, the state has a double digit unemployment rate. Thirdly, the government is putting us in the hole of debt that equals all of the debts of all prior presidents in less than 2 months, and Boxer thinks she is doing us a service by putting her 2 stupid cents into the location of the A’s. Give me a break! Get back to work you meathead!

    Thanks Jon for showing how our tax dollars are hard at work!

  • John English

    Are we forgetting in our harping on Boxer for thinking about the A’s that her motivation is coming from the right place? The A’s are a revenue generator for Oakland businesses. Them being in Oakland is in the best interest of the constituency she represents.

  • Jan K Oski

    Last time, I checked Boxer was a US Senator for the state of California, not a representative of Oakland. A successful business plan for the A’s is good for the whole state, not a city which has made poor economic decisions for decades.