Braden gets the word — finally

Not exactly a huge revelation here, but Dallas Braden got the official word from Bob Geren today that he’s starting Opening Night against the Angels. Get this for timing — Geren told Braden right after he came in from a six-run third inning against the Cubs today. “He told me after the hit parade,” Braden said. “He told me, ‘I want you to get back out there and get a couple ground balls, and then I want you to win on Opening Night.’ You’re my guy.'”

Braden’s schedule had him lined up to get that assignment for the past couple of weeks, but it’s still a pretty amazing progression for a guy who was a question mark to even start for Oakland at the end of last season. I know … the pessimist inside of you says that this is an indication of just how much the A’s rotation is hurting. Can’t argue w/you too much on that one … He’s not the prototypical, dominant No. 1 starter, but given the arms available to Geren right now, you can’t argue with this call either.

8-3 Cubbies in the bottom of the seventh …

Joe Stiglich