Angels 3, A’s 0

I’m guessing that wasn’t what many of you expected from the A’s new and improved offense tonight, correct?. I wouldn’t read too much into things based on one game. But I was surprised at how few balls they hit hard off Joe Saunders.

Eric Chavez mentioned after the game how he thinks Opening Day gets blown out of proportion because it’s just one game. “It’s kind of a parade, hoopla-type thing. And that’s great for the fans, they get into it. But we know (the season) is a grind.”

All true, but remember, Chavez also told reporters Saturday it was important for the A’s to get out of the gate well, considering they play the Angels in the first four games.

As for Dallas Braden, he wasn’t terrible. But because he’s not overpowering, tonight showed how “on” he has to be with his control or he’ll get hurt. Bottom line, giving up three runs in six innings isn’t that bad.

Some of you may have been surprised that Travis Buck didn’t start considering the solid spring he had. Buck told me he felt fine physically before the game, though he was wearing a pretty big ice pack on his right leg after the game. I didn’t get to ask him about that, so don’t read too much into it yet.

That’s all for now, check back in before tomorrow’s game …

A couple things from tonight

Joe Stiglich

  • Son of Hendu

    I can see we picked up were we left off last year. If you want runs pray for a homer.

    Ps- Jack Cust should be hitting 10th with his new position….Left out.

  • Oakland Sí

    well that answers the question many of us had about Buck’s not being in the lineup, seeing as it didn’t make sense to sit him instead of Cust — and play Cust in the field instead of Buck.

  • Bee

    I think Cust gets a bad rap in the outfield. No, he’s no Jimmy Piersall (there’s a name from the past for you) or Mark Kotsay or Rajai Davis, but he isn’t as bad as the media and some of the fans make him out to be. He ran down a hard-hit flyball last night. He was doing reasonably well the second half of last season. Let’s give him a break.

    That being said, I agree with those who said that Travis Buck should have been in the lineup last night, given his record in Angels Stadium. And Nomar should not have played first. Giambi would have dug out that throw in the dirt that Nomar couldn’t come up with.

  • Marc

    Bee. Check out the UZR stats at fangraphs.com. Cust is a -11.5 meaning that he allowed opponents to score an additional 11.5 runs by not getting to balls that the average player at his position would have caught. I also attended over 40 A’s games last year and have to say that Cust doesn’t break on the ball well, and is quite lost. Check out the UZR. It was featured in the latest issue of SI. Good stat.

  • Bee If you know of Piersall you know baseball. Cust is better than Manny and a old Barry Bonds in the field. As far a Buck goes he play with some flair but that’s about it. I take Buck with his power anyday.