A’s 6, Angels 4

There was a lot to cram into Wednesday’s paper on tonight’s 6-4 A’s win over the Angels. Not all of it made it in, so here’s a few leftover details:

–Trevor Cahill had plenty of supporters who made the trip up from the San Diego area to watch his major league debut. As of about 30 minutes after the game, he didn’t have any keepsakes, however. No lineup card or game ball or anything. Maybe that will come after his first victory, which he’d probably prefer anyway.

“I was more nervous (Monday night) than today with the game itself,” Cahill said. “It couldn’t come soon enough.”

Overall, his five innings were pretty good considering he was constantly working out of jams.

“For his first game, I thought he handled himself pretty well,” A’s manager Bob Geren said. “I didn’t see him nervous or rattled by being in that situation.”

–Eric Chavez had one RBI, giving him 777 for his career and moving past Reggie Jackson for seventh place in A’s franchise history.

That’s all for now …

Joe Stiglich

  • Jan K Oski

    Congrats, Chavez! I’ll be wearing my #3 Chavez jersey on Friday.

    Let’s go Oakland!

  • Bee

    Well, I guess I have egg on my face. Cust certainly lived up to everyone else’s low expectations when he dropped that fly ball last night. He did redeem himself at the plate and the A’s won, so I guess we can overlook that, sort of.

    It was a great game last night and Cahill showed his nerves and inexperience but got himself out of a lot of jams. Too bad he reached his pitch count and had to leave in the 5th. He’ll be a terrific pitcher for the A’s if they don’t overuse him. I was surprised they let him throw 102 pitches. Chavvy passed two milestones last night: hits and rbi’s. I am so glad he’s back and producing. Keeping my fingers crossed,though.

    Thanks, Marc, for setting me straight. I’ll check out the UZR.

  • Derek

    Why are the Angels able to find so many talented 4-5 tool Black, Caribbean and Latin ball players, while all Billy Beane ever produces are 2-3 skilled slow white guys.

    Black players hold the majority of baseballs significant records. They were able to accomplish that feat in less than 50 yrs.

    Now we are being led to believe the Oakland A’s can’t find any, or should I say just a few.

    Other teams are raiding Japan, picking up quality players, yet the A’s can’t, even considering the fact there’s a huge Asian Community in the Bay Area who might become more interested in the team if it included a quality Asian player or two.

    When are local A’s fans going to wake up and demand a better product. Billy Beanes punch of slow footed, 240-260 hitting 90% white rosters will NEVER produce a championship.

  • Marc

    No problem, Bee. I only recently became aware of the UZR metric. I think it’s pretty neat so far. And I would love for Cust to be better than it implies. Thanks for sharing your opinions! Go A’s!

  • 94577Z06

    Does anybody have an opinion on wether chavys contract will go up or down. Mine is he will be paid considerably less. He should agree to an extension and allow the A’s to go get some pitching with his lower contract figures.