First impressions

At last! After seven weeks of hearing through-the-grapevine stories, it was great to see Trevor Cahill on the hill last night (albeit not in person). I was mostly impressed, although I do think he has a touch of Bob Welch disease. Welch, for those who don’t remember, had a bad habit when he first arrived in Oakland in 1988, of responding to difficulties by trying to throw the ball harder and harder. As a result, his pitches would get straighter and straighter. It wasn’t until Welch learned to back off a bit during difficult situations that he became a Cy Young winnerWelch’s 1990 campaign is another reason why I pay hardly zero attention to what happens with veterans in the spring.

Not saying the ceiling is necessarily that high for Cahill, but he will be better than he was last night once he learns how to do the same thing. Cahill gave up single runs in the first two innings Tuesday, and even though there were other mitigating factors — home plate umpire Larry Vanover’s strike zone got real tight for one — but I noticed that Cahill seemed to pumping up his effort when he was in trouble. Successful major-league pitchers will tell you that the effort needs to be the same whether the bases are loaded or the bases are empty.

That said, I see why the A’s are so excited about this kid. Can’t wait to see Brett Anderson next.

Other impressions from the first two games:

— Jack Cust cannot play the outfield. He dropped one again last night. No more evidence needed.

— Ryan Sweeney doesn’t seem to cover much ground in center field. Not sure his loping strides are going to be that effective out there. Plus, he needs to take charge more. He seems to be better suited for the corner spots.

— Physically, Jason Giambi looks like he never left.

— As I predicted, Brad Ziegler gave up a run in his first outing. Nobody should be surprised. The man went 39 innings before allowing his first run last year. So naturally, he allowed one in his first try this year.


  • Oaktown12

    I agree with you. Cahill is going to be a very good pitcher. The A’s have the possibilites of having another big 3 on our hands, given when Gio comes back up to the dance, My biggest concern is Cust in the outfield. Our outfield speed is very slow with Cust, Sweeney, and Holliday. I would perfer to see Giambi at first and cust Dh with Buck or Rajai in center. Perferably Id’ rather see Buck. I love rajais speed but he is a great pinch runner late in games.