Cahill no-hit bid ends in 7th

Adrian Beltre lined a clean single to center with one out in the top of the seventh here at the Coliseum, the first hit of the day off Trevor Cahill. He had walked three and hit one batter, but then settled into a groove, retiring 11 straight leading up to Beltre’s hit. Mike Sweeney followed with a two-out double to score the game’s first run. A’s center fielder Rajai Davis lost his footing as he broke on the ball. I’m not sure he could have caught it, but he probably would have cut the ball off had he not stumbled, and saved the run from scoring.

Anyway, it’s been an impressive effort by Cahill, who’s struck out three. Would have been interesting had he taken the no-no into the eighth or ninth, because his pitch count would have been an issue. He was at 82 pitches entering the seventh. …

1-0 Mariners, bottom of the seventh …

Joe Stiglich

  • Bee

    Trevor Cahill is delivering as everyone hoped. too bad he ran into Eric Bedard on a good day. He should be thrilled by his no hitter going into the 6th inning.

    Hopefully, Brett Anderson can be motivated by Cahill’s outing. I think he can be just as good as Trevor. He needs to get over his rookie jitters.

    Even though the Mariners swept the A’s, I, ever the optimist where the A’s are concerned, thing the A’s will do well this season. The position players need to get their hitting going, especially extra-base hits with runners in scoring position.

    Let’s go, Oakland!